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Working with the UIWS Manager

When you add a water body to your level, UIWS will automatically create another actor in your scene, UIWSManager. If you don’t need any of the manager functionality, it will happily exist and do it’s work behind the scenes without you ever interacting with it. There is however, some useful settings you may want to make use of.


Manager Details Panel

manager details.JPG

Continuous Light Update:
Enable this if you want the caustic lighting to be updated in real time in game. Caustics are directly affected by the directional light in your scene, so if you have a time of day system enable this for the caustic lighting to automatically reflect those changes.

Center Sim on Pawn:
By default, the simulated area of a UIWSWater Body is centered on the player pawn. If you’d rather the sim center on the camera, you can just un-check this box

Caustic Brightness Mult:
This slider can be used to dim caustics per level. They’ll still be affected by the directional light intensity.