Unified Interactive Physical Foliage

UIPF delivers beautiful and efficient interactive foliage for any game - from massive fields of swaying grass, to interactive hanging vines, bendy plants, and even trees.

Designed from the ground up to work with UE4’s foliage tools, UIPF is designer and artist friendly, supports all your own foliage, and comes with a library of high quality interactives you can use in your games.

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  • Efficient and stunning foliage interaction for any project

  • Works with all existing assets and the various Unreal foliage tools

  • Hybrid true physics and shader-driven interaction

  • Pivot painter 2.0 based wind and interaction supported

  • Designer friendly - easy to set up, drag and drop

  • Add impulses and interact manually via Blueprint or C++

  • Well-optimized for a wide range of target hardware

  • Written in C++ for maximum efficiency

  • Includes photorealistic foliage by Alex Patel

  • Supports Every Major Platform

  • Designed with multiplayer in mind

  • Online documentation and direct support via email

Grass Flattening

Blaze trails through grass and foliage, leaving a lasting mark on the environment.


Shader Interaction

Convincing, yet computationally inexpensive interaction for grass and small shrubs.


True Physics Interaction

Switch to higher-fidelity true physics simulation for larger plants when up-close.


Pivot Painter 2.0 Support

Supports advanced shader-based foliage movement using Pivot Painter 2.0.


Technical Overview Video

Included Physical Foliage

Included Shader Foliage

You can use your own existing grass and foliage meshes with UIPF, but we’ve also included some high quality example content for your convenience!


UIPF Supports Unreal Engine version 4.19*-4.22 for all major platforms.

*Please note the Epic Marketplace only allows me to upload for the latest 3 engine versions and therefore the Unreal Marketplace version doesn’t include 4.19 support.