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Changing Simulation Settings

If you would like to change how the ripples propagate, or how large the simulated area of water should be, here’s how:

1:  Navigate to the UIWS Content folder in the content browser and open MPC_UIWSWaterBodies. This is where sim settings are stored currently (making this more intuitive will be a focus for future versions).


2: Most of the settings in the param collection are updated by the waterbodies and the manager on their own. To change the sim settings, the only properties we care about are scalar params 1 through 4


Interactivity Distance
This is the total distance around the player (or camera) that the water will be interactive for. 5000 is the recommended minimum, but that’s not enforced so you can play with values of any size to get the results you require.

Sim Texel Size
This setting will be calculated for you in the future, but for now you’ll just need to tweak it when you change the interactivity distance to get good results. If left unchanged, scaling the interactive distance up will cause ripples to get larger, and scaling it down will cause them to get smaller.

Sim Travel Speed
How quickly the waves propagate out from their source

Sim Dampening
How quickly waves disappear