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UIPF Shader Interaction

UIPF comes with one master material and a number of instances derived from it. If you would like to simply use our shader with your foliage, please do! There is an instance with each foliage item included with the plugin, and these would be a great starting point for similar types of foliage you want to configure. There are also some parent instances which have the default features enabled for their relevant uses (such as an instance for foliage authored for pivot painted wind, one configured for small plant bending, etc - pictured below.


Depending on which features you’ve enabled in the M_Foliage - Features category of a foliage instance, you’ll have values to customise in a number of categories and material functions. I’m only going to go over the specifics of some of the most important ones here, but each variable and material function has a description if you need more info on what each is doing.

Pictured is is one of the parent instances with it’s parameter groups collapsed.

Pictured is is one of the parent instances with it’s parameter groups collapsed.

Alternatively, you can simply add these material functions to your own materials as desired if you only want one or two elements (such as Grass Flattening etc.

Changing Wind Direction:

Wind direction and amplitude can be set in MPC_UIPF, in the root of the UIPF Content folder.

Material/Function Overview:

Below is a table of each included material parameter category. Any category prefixed M_ is part of the master material, and anything prefixed MF_ is a self contained material function that you can add to any of your shaders as desired!