Hi, I’m Elliot, a Gameplay Programmer and Tech Artist, currently working with Uppercut Games.
I love making games, programming in service of design, and VR design & development.
Check out some of my favorite personal projects below, or my blog and twitter for more recent insights into my development interests and passions.
Bachelors Degree in Games and Interactive Entertainment (QUT) with Distinction.

Featured Projects

Role: Generalist programmer, Tech Artist
Description: NDA woo! I get to touch a wide variety of systems and content in my day to day which is perfect for me. I love game dev because it’s where art and code meet and my role at Uppercut has me working right at this intersection a large part of the time.

Role: Sole Developer
UE4 C++
Description: Plugin that adds designer friendly, optimized, and beautiful interactive water, with interactive caustics, to any ue4 project. Available on Gumroad and the Epic Marketplace

Unified Interactive Physical Foliage

Role: Developer and Technical Artist
Engine: UE4 C++
Description: Plugin that adds high quality physical interaction to any unreal project. Works with any existing foliage and provides options for true physical foliage interaction as well as a cheaper shader based approach.


Role: VR Developer (Contractor)
Engine: Unreal Engine 4, Blueprint
Description: High End VR and Daydream Shopping experience for Mountain Designs

Role: Gameplay Programmer, Game Designer
Engine: Unreal Engine 4, C++
Description: Team Objective Arena Racer. PC Game
Shipped on Steam 2018


Featured Blog Posts


VR Characters are People Too

The VR future is bright for the narrative genre

Terrain Blending Meshes with UE4

Distance Field blending: How, why, and why not?

UIWS Deep Dive

Deep dive into the how’s and why’s behind my new plugin that adds interactive water with caustic lighting to UE4!


“That price is insane lol”

"It’s tempting to write a lot of the more aggressive, insulting, and rude comments off as the salty tears of entitled cry babies. Because they are thanks for reading"

I wrote about pricing on the marketplace and how I believe we can improve the landscape