Art Break / by Elliot Gray

While Gameplay Programming and Design are my primary passions, I’m a big fan of pretty environment art (always have been) and love taking the opportunity every now and then to take some pretty photos/videos of environments I create in my spare time (wild Friday night in makin pretty pictures in the gray household).

These are some of my favourite shots and there’s a video further down (all real-time by the way). (Also you can click on each photo to go through to the full 4k res in a new tab if you want)

Interestingly, these shots are all taken in the Forward Renderer because I happened to be playing around with all real-time lighting and frankly I couldn’t see any downsides (i’m sure with an in depth comparison you could) so it’s nice to know there’s no reason our vr forward rendered projects can’t look gorgeous too.

Ps I love doing nice layout work, but all these assets are either store bought or put together from mega-scans with minimal content creation by me - I’m happy to leave that part to the pros.